Recipe: The Cast Iron Skillet Strikes Again

I was “stuck” with the Blond this afternoon.  I say “stuck” because really it isn’t a chore spending any time with him.  He’s basically the best baking companion a girl could ever have.  We stopped to look at some cast iron pans at Sears while I was there returning a Hawaiian shirt (again, long story, … Continue reading

Just Say No to Cake Pops

I really don’t have a problem with cake pops.  I mean, you have to do something with your leftover cake, right?  Well when I made the Blond’s birthday cake, I had a whackload of leftover cake bits.  I cubed them and was thinking I would recycle the leftovers for a dinner party we were having. … Continue reading

The Blond Likes Brownies

The Blond wanted to bake something last weekend.  He started talking about making something and so I said, go ahead and find a recipe and we’ll make it.  So he did.  Awesome.  We workshopped his idea a little bit before he started looking – he was thinking something like a brownie – but with peanut … Continue reading

Rocky Rhode Island Candy Bars

Book review time! A couple years ago when I was working with chocolate a lot more, I took an Advanced Chocolate Work course through Red River College’s patisserie program.   I loved it, and was thrilled at all the cool stuff I learned.  My good friend Stephy joined me for the fun – and we … Continue reading

You have been so patient

So I left you hanging on the “Paula Deen Black Bottomed Banana Cream (Creme) Tart“.  Well, your wait is over!  Here it is: Can I just tell you that this is possibly the best thing (in my opinion anyway) that I’ve ever made?  I am a sucker (as you know, for magazines, but also) for … Continue reading

Easter Treats

Picky Palate comes up with some good easy recipes, and when I need to whip up something that tastes great in a hurry – she’s the blogger I turn to first. This week was my treat day at the office and because I wanted it to be a good one, I decided to bring in … Continue reading

In The Interests of Full Disclosure: Pie

Can I confess something to you?  I’ve never made a pie.  Like never ever. Isn’t that horrible? Want to hear the next-most horrible thing?  I went to bake my first pie.  Like ever.  This weekend.  And it turns out I don’t even own a pie plate.  OMG. Well, I overcame that pieplate-tastrophe by using a shallow … Continue reading