DOUGHNUT WEEK: Top Secret Finale

Warning: the images you are about to see here may be graphic in nature and may be unsuitable for some readers. I don’t even know where to start with this post.  For a long time I’ve been wanting to blog about the cronut phenomenon.  Unless you’ve been living in a  cave, you know about these … Continue reading

DOUGHNUT WEEK: Kicking it Old School (?)

I got a mini doughnut pan a couple years ago, used it one, and then never used it again.  Why?  Because the ECBF told me that baked doughnuts were gross and totally not a real thing. I see. Doughnuts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes (and ingredients, for that matter), but let … Continue reading

DOUGHNUT WEEK: The Beginnings

Welcome to Doughnut Week here at Tickled Pink. That’s right – the deliciousness we are celebrating in a week-long bakestravaganza is the Canadian favourite: the doughnut. Have you ever wondered where the doughnut comes from?  This has plagued me for years.  So I asked our good friends at Wikipedia, and here’s what they had to … Continue reading

Coconut Cream Liar

Oh boy.  I’m a liar. I rushed home late for dinner tonight and had promised the Blond we would make a pie.  Not just a pie.  A layered strawberry blueberry coconut cream pie from my absolute favourite blogger, Sugar Plum.  What the fajita was I thinking?  I found the recipe online here, and printed it … Continue reading

Mini Ramekin Adventures Part II

I posted last week about the emergency creme brûlée kit that Galen has available.  I also happened to pick up his apple crumble version of the same thing. I don’t think apple crumble is even a thing without vanilla ice cream. So, again, if you find yourself in an apple crumble emergency (and who hasn’t, … Continue reading

Santa was on FIRE this year

I was a lucky girl this Christmas, getting not one but two awesome (and much anticipated) baking-related gifts.  One was a complete surprise and so I was absolutely thrilled.  The other was less of a surprise (but mostly because I wrapped it myself). Let me tell you about the not-so-suprising gift first because it leads … Continue reading