The Blond Bakes: Three Shades of Chocolate Cup

The Blond picked out a holiday-ish recipe for us to try this weekend and he picked a good’er.  Three Shades of Chocolate Cup – a duo of chocolate mousses, inside a delicious chocolate cup.  I guess he googles recipes in his spare time (what 10-year old doesn’t) and came across this one so he jotted … Continue reading

Santa was on FIRE this year

I was a lucky girl this Christmas, getting not one but two awesome (and much anticipated) baking-related gifts.  One was a complete surprise and so I was absolutely thrilled.  The other was less of a surprise (but mostly because I wrapped it myself). Let me tell you about the not-so-suprising gift first because it leads … Continue reading

Recipe: Strueselstravaganza

I have been craving a banana muffin like nobody’s business this past week.  The problem is, if I want a banana muffin, I have to make it myself, you know? (I know, first world problems, for sure).  Anyway, I had some dark disgusting bananas calling my name last night and I just decided to go … Continue reading

Chicago Mix, Part II

OMG. We were in Vegas for the weekend and I accidentally stumbled upon a Garrett’s Popcorn shop.  Whaaaat?  Yes I did. So the crack-cocaine of the snack world, Chicago Mix, was featured in my blog a couple weeks ago.  You read the post here.  I live the nightmare of a Chicago Mix addiction every day. Interestingly, I … Continue reading

Gluten Free Chia Chip Cookies: DIY

I bought this monster-sized bag of chia seeds at the Costcos a couple months ago and realized I hadn’t been using them up.  Trying to think of a good way to incorporate chia into some baking I decided that I could easily add them to a chocolate chip cookie recipe without too much hassle.  I … Continue reading


Fresh Options Organic Delivery (F.O.O.D.) is wicked awesome good. Every week I get a bin of delicious fresh vegetables.  I love it. The guys around here hate it.  Go figure. A month or so ago, we got the motherlode of cauliflower in our fresh food bin and because the Blond claims cauliflower gives him nightmares, … Continue reading