Sweet Potato in Disguise

I needed to buy sweet potato on two separate occasions this week.  Weird, I know.  I think I can go months and months without ever needing a sweet potato, but here I was at Galen’s for the second time in seven days, grabbing one.  I still haven’t used the last one I bought, but it was spoken … Continue reading

Oh We Are So Sneaky

I’ve blogged before about the Sneaky Chef.  It’s a system we follow here at Casa Tickled Pink because PICKY EATERS.  That’s why. Well, we had all of our puree ingredients ready to go after the animals were in bed this weekend, and we realized that we had no containers.  The key to sneaky puree is … Continue reading

Tools: I Am No Friend to the Environment

You’ve heard me spout off about how it is nearly impossible to get the Blond and the Brunette to eat well.  Well, since we’ve started with the sneaky nutrition, dinner and breakfast have not really been a problem for that.  Lunches are something else altogether. I’m in charge of the lunch-making around here and it … Continue reading

I Said I’d Do Healthy Right?

A few posts ago (VEGAS BABY) I blogged about that blinkin’ Vitamix.  What is it good for?  Adult slurpees.  You know what else it’s good for? Soup.  It’s really good for soup actually (and ice cream, as it turns out, but that’s a post for another time). I was inspired today by a post by … Continue reading

Product: Mini Oliva

In the interests of celebrating all things delicious – I wanted to share with you a product that I fell in love with last year.  Despite the fact it isn’t baking-related – it is delicious and super handy and therefore, worth celebrating. I love bringing a salad for lunch.  They can be so versatile, and … Continue reading

Bean Brownies

I love teaching Zumba.  I am so lucky to have a wonderful class of ladies come out a couple times a week and we always seem to have a really great time.  I’m also lucky that some of my Zumba ladies are readers of my blog – and I was gifted with a great recipe … Continue reading

Green Muffins – yes you read that right

Those are some green muffins. If you recall, a while back I had a series of posts about what I feed my guys (and more importantly, what they think I feed them).  One of the purees I posted about was the green puree.  One of my work colleagues, Veggiemama – has employed a similar covert … Continue reading