Chicago Mix, Part II

OMG. We were in Vegas for the weekend and I accidentally stumbled upon a Garrett’s Popcorn shop.  Whaaaat?  Yes I did. So the crack-cocaine of the snack world, Chicago Mix, was featured in my blog a couple weeks ago.  You read the post here.  I live the nightmare of a Chicago Mix addiction every day. Interestingly, I … Continue reading

Chicago Mix…Please Send Help

Remember the Boxing Glove Cake?  I made that for my friend Fran.  Fran and I were talking a couple weeks ago about running errands later that day and she mentioned that she always grabs a bag of popcorn when she’s at the mall.  She went on to say that she used to be a cool … Continue reading

We Take Recycling Seriously

Not long ago I blogged about how I was looking for these lunch containers for ranch dressing to send with the boys to school.  I suggested in that post that I might not be a very good friend to the environment.  The ECBF pointed out to me today that I take recycling to a whole … Continue reading

Carnival Foodie

I’m a carnival foodie.  Seriously.  I’ve been involved with our local exhibition, the Red River Ex, off and on for many years, and my family has also been involved my whole life.  If there’s one thing that signals summer for me (and brings with it a flood of happy memories), it’s the smell of mini … Continue reading

Versatile Blogger Award and Sunshine Award

Some exciting news this week, I have been nominated by my blogging friend and follower, Petite Gourmande Anglaise, for the Versatile Blogger Award and the Sunshine Award.  That’s pretty neat.  I recommend you check out her site for some good eats, and in particular, I recommend her Banana, Raspberry and Coconut Cake – minus the phone … Continue reading

Of Tea and Coffee

My next series of posts follow a theme, but it all starts with some coffee extract.  What’s that?  Coffee extract, it makes perfect sense. My office is involved in a bit of a competition.  I won’t go into details but all of the lawyers are divided into four teams.  I was “volun-told” (thanks EMW – … Continue reading