Project: Butterfinger Brownies

On Wednesday I told you about my butterfinger brownies.  These were somewhat Galen inspired (I love you Galen).  I didn’t adequately adjust my time in the oven for the reduced size of the brownie so I fear that the brownie base of these bad boys was overdone.  That being said, I was having a conversation … Continue reading

Project: The Brunette’s Birthday 1/2

The Brunette turned 12 two weeks ago and I always make whatever the guys want for their birthday cake.  He showed me a picture of a cartoon character that he wanted, and I was all set to go with ingredients and a baking plan for the big weekend.  The day before his actual birthday, on … Continue reading

Project: Purple Bread

So you may know I was recently in Maui for my good friend Michelle’s wedding.  I’ll post more about that another time (including pictures of the adorable cake topper – and the DELICIOUS WEDDING CAKE).  The purpose of this post is to talk about one of the neat baking discoveries from when I was there.  … Continue reading

Project: Tweed Squares

Do you know what Tweed Squares are?  I didn’t, until I met the ECBF.  Truthfully, I may still not really know – as the only experience I’ve had with them are the ones I’ve made myself, and I can’t say for sure if they’ve turned out the way they’re supposed to (and maybe the ECBF … Continue reading

Project: a la Anna

What’s so great about Anna Olson anyway?  Besides being the BB spokesbaker, what has she given us?  Sure, she has a couple tv shows, some cookbooks, a Chatelaine cover or two, and a couple spokes-gigs for milk/dairy products and cream cheese, but I mean really, are her recipes any good?  The next project I’m going to … Continue reading

Update: Imperial Cookies Take 1

A few of them (grudgingly) made it to the office with the ECBF this morning.  I think he would have taken down the whole container if he’d thought he could get away with it.  I’ve made an Imperial Cookie convert.  I needed him to courier the cookies to me because I didn’t want to carry … Continue reading