Carnival Foodie

I’m a carnival foodie.  Seriously.  I’ve been involved with our local exhibition, the Red River Ex, off and on for many years, and my family has also been involved my whole life.  If there’s one thing that signals summer for me (and brings with it a flood of happy memories), it’s the smell of mini … Continue reading

Recipe AND Taste Test: Key Lime Curd

We’re invited over to my good friends Florence and Ben’s house tonight for dinner.  Florence loved my key lime cupcakes when I made them originally and has mentioned many times that she’d love for me to make them again, so when I saw this bag of key limes when I was at Galen’s last weekend, … Continue reading

Taste Test: Mug Cake

A few years ago an email circulated with a recipe for 5-minute mug cake.  It was 6 or 7 ingredients, tossed in a mug and then microwaved for 2 minutes to bake a perfect little two-person chocolate cake.  I’ve made that recipe, just to see, and it was “ok”.  I made it once or twice.  … Continue reading