Chicago Mix, Part II

OMG. We were in Vegas for the weekend and I accidentally stumbled upon a Garrett’s Popcorn shop.  Whaaaat?  Yes I did. So the crack-cocaine of the snack world, Chicago Mix, was featured in my blog a couple weeks ago.  You read the post here.  I live the nightmare of a Chicago Mix addiction every day. Interestingly, I … Continue reading


No, I’m not headed to Vegas again (well, not this month anyway).  It’s absolutely my favourite place on earth.  The ECBF and I like to go there often.  It’s a quick getaway, the flights there are generally reasonably priced, and it is a much-needed break from reality for a short time. One of the things … Continue reading

Pink: Surviving Disney

(still learning about the new camera) Well, we did it.  We all made it back in one piece.  Highlight of the trip?  Getting to Magic Kingdom just as it was opening and seeing the steam train with Mickey on it to open the park.  Lucky for us, we got there just in time to beat … Continue reading

New Toys

Santa was really good to me this year.  Well, more specifically, the boys were really good to me.  They always get me the best, over-the-top Birthday and Christmas presents.  This year was definitely the year of electronics – I made out with an iPad AND my new baby: A Nikon D5100. Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I am, by … Continue reading

Merry Christmas 2012

Well we managed to pull it off.  The ECBF and I decided that to save ourselves the hassle of buying Christmas presents this year, instead we’d take the blond and brunette to Disney World.  That last sentence is tongue in cheek.  Of course no hassle is saved. We managed to plan and plot for a … Continue reading

Hawaii and Toast

I’ve been thinking a lot about this french toast. My mom and I go on a holiday every year together, generally someplace in the US, and primarily for the purpose of shopping.  We’ve been everywhere, Boston, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, Atlanta.  This year because I was going to Maui for the wedding, I thought … Continue reading

Married in Maui in May

What a great way to get married, right?  It made perfect sense for this couple, an Australian and a Canadian, both living in Bermuda, to have their families converge at the halfway point between the two countries, in Hawaii.  The ceremony was breathtaking – overlooking the ocean: The bride was, as always, gorgeous.  But you … Continue reading