Dream Kitchen

When I bought this house of mine I didn’t have a man and two kids.  It was the perfect little house for little ol’ me.  Well, cut to a few years later, and the blonde and the brunette and the ECBF are a part of this household now and well… we’re outgrowing this place by … Continue reading

Acronyms: Learn my Code

I’ve had a couple requests for an index of acronyms and other code used in my blog.  Here you go, in no particular order: ECBF: East Coast Boy Friend (his name is Andrew and he’s awesome). The Blonde: the 8 year-old that lives with me.  He has a very refined palate but knows what he likes. … Continue reading

Tickled Pink is finally here

My first post.  Blog about something you love.  Right?  My sister-in-law blogs about my nephew.   I’m not allowed to blog about the ECBF (East Coast Boy Friend).  It might be tacky to blog about Carl (the chihuahua).  It would be absolutely boring to blog about the day job (law) or the night job (fitness).  So … Continue reading