DOUGHNUT WEEK: Kicking it Old School (?)

I got a mini doughnut pan a couple years ago, used it one, and then never used it again.  Why?  Because the ECBF told me that baked doughnuts were gross and totally not a real thing. I see. Doughnuts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes (and ingredients, for that matter), but let … Continue reading

The Blond Bakes: Three Shades of Chocolate Cup

The Blond picked out a holiday-ish recipe for us to try this weekend and he picked a good’er.  Three Shades of Chocolate Cup – a duo of chocolate mousses, inside a delicious chocolate cup.  I guess he googles recipes in his spare time (what 10-year old doesn’t) and came across this one so he jotted … Continue reading

Coconut Cream Liar

Oh boy.  I’m a liar. I rushed home late for dinner tonight and had promised the Blond we would make a pie.  Not just a pie.  A layered strawberry blueberry coconut cream pie from my absolute favourite blogger, Sugar Plum.  What the fajita was I thinking?  I found the recipe online here, and printed it … Continue reading

Movember – my very own Mo Bros

The ECBF isn’t doing the movember this year.  But that shouldn’t stop the Blond and the Brunette.  Aren’t they handsome? The Brunette is always photogenic but check out this pose from the Blond: Big shout out to all of our Movember Mos.  Way to go! P.S.  Those are chocolate moustaches on a stick.  Smart, right? … Continue reading

Recipe: The Cast Iron Skillet Strikes Again

I was “stuck” with the Blond this afternoon.  I say “stuck” because really it isn’t a chore spending any time with him.  He’s basically the best baking companion a girl could ever have.  We stopped to look at some cast iron pans at Sears while I was there returning a Hawaiian shirt (again, long story, … Continue reading

Stepmonster: Thermos Wars

We’ve got a bit of a battle happening here at Casa Tickled Pink. It has been going on for over a week and I just can’t take it anymore. Just when I thought I had a handle on all things domestic, this one seems to have escaped my control. The Blond and the Brunette like … Continue reading

He’s Dynamite

This weekend we celebrated the Blond’s 10th birthday.  He asked for a Minecraft TNT cake.  Are you familiar with Minecraft?  No?  Yeah, I have better things to do with my time too.  Like Candy Crush.  Minecraft is a phenomenon being enjoyed by 10 year-olds across North America (and everywhere else I imagine).  When the guys … Continue reading