Imperial Cookies, Take 2

After disastrous attempts at Imperial Cookies back when I started this blog (which you can re-read here, here, and here if you like), I swore off of any attempts to make them again.  A friend brought some in to the office the other day and they looked so delicious I had to try one (WTG).  The … Continue reading

Project: a la Anna

What’s so great about Anna Olson anyway?  Besides being the BB spokesbaker, what has she given us?  Sure, she has a couple tv shows, some cookbooks, a Chatelaine cover or two, and a couple spokes-gigs for milk/dairy products and cream cheese, but I mean really, are her recipes any good?  The next project I’m going to … Continue reading

Update: Imperial Cookies Take 1

A few of them (grudgingly) made it to the office with the ECBF this morning.  I think he would have taken down the whole container if he’d thought he could get away with it.  I’ve made an Imperial Cookie convert.  I needed him to courier the cookies to me because I didn’t want to carry … Continue reading

In the Interests of Full Disclosure: Imperial Cookies

I made them.  And what a disaster. I have a baking friend, Stephy, and when I was complaining to her about how tough they were, she mentioned off-hand that she’d “made them a couple times, no big deal”.  And also, that she “used her own homemade raspberry jam”.  Gah.  Bake nemesis. I think by the … Continue reading

Project: Imperial Cookie

I’ve never made imperial cookies.  There, I said it.  That might make me a bad Winnipeg baker… I don’t really understand the origin of the Imperial Cookie – although from what I understand it does have some Winnipeg backgound.  Does anyone know what it is?  I’ve been googling all morning and found very little substantial information…  and … Continue reading