The Therapist Test

I’ve noticed that several of my posts lately have been about stepmonstering.  Sorry about that.  Did you think this was a blog about baking?  I promise to get back to the baking posts soon, if that’s why you’re here, but in the meantime, can we talk about stepmonstering one more time? Sometimes I worry that … Continue reading

Oh We Are So Sneaky

I’ve blogged before about the Sneaky Chef.  It’s a system we follow here at Casa Tickled Pink because PICKY EATERS.  That’s why. Well, we had all of our puree ingredients ready to go after the animals were in bed this weekend, and we realized that we had no containers.  The key to sneaky puree is … Continue reading

Bean Brownies

I love teaching Zumba.  I am so lucky to have a wonderful class of ladies come out a couple times a week and we always seem to have a really great time.  I’m also lucky that some of my Zumba ladies are readers of my blog – and I was gifted with a great recipe … Continue reading

Green Muffins – yes you read that right

Those are some green muffins. If you recall, a while back I had a series of posts about what I feed my guys (and more importantly, what they think I feed them).  One of the purees I posted about was the green puree.  One of my work colleagues, Veggiemama – has employed a similar covert … Continue reading

Mac and Cheese was almost our undoing

We got cocky. There I said it. Mac and Cheese?  Of course they love it.  What kid doesn’t think noodles and cheese is possibly the best food combination ever?  Yeah.  Well we got cocky.  Sneaky Chef baked mac and cheese – I was such a fool.  We only had penne noodles.  That was mistake number … Continue reading

Meat Balls

I have to preface this post by saying – I thought these meatballs were gross.  Like super gross.  But if you saw my post about the funky chicken – you know that we had some sauce left over and the ECBF thought it would go fabulous with the Sneaky Chef meatballs we made. The meatballs … Continue reading

Funky Chicken Fail Turned Fabulous

We had decided on the Sneaky Chef pulled chicken on a bun recipe for the slow cooker.  Slow cookers are a big help on soccer night.  However, when we went to put the chicken in that morning – it was a little funky.  Not sure why, but there was no way I was cooking that.  … Continue reading