The Therapist Test

I’ve noticed that several of my posts lately have been about stepmonstering.  Sorry about that.  Did you think this was a blog about baking?  I promise to get back to the baking posts soon, if that’s why you’re here, but in the meantime, can we talk about stepmonstering one more time? Sometimes I worry that … Continue reading

Oh We Are So Sneaky

I’ve blogged before about the Sneaky Chef.  It’s a system we follow here at Casa Tickled Pink because PICKY EATERS.  That’s why. Well, we had all of our puree ingredients ready to go after the animals were in bed this weekend, and we realized that we had no containers.  The key to sneaky puree is … Continue reading

Pink: Not Yours

I think I’ve shared with you how lucky I am to have the ECBF, the Blond, and the Brunette in my life.  For all the obvious reasons, of course, but also because they are all so technologically savvy, that they have turned me into a bit of a tech-snob myself.  We all have iPads, and … Continue reading

We Take Recycling Seriously

Not long ago I blogged about how I was looking for these lunch containers for ranch dressing to send with the boys to school.  I suggested in that post that I might not be a very good friend to the environment.  The ECBF pointed out to me today that I take recycling to a whole … Continue reading