Channel 416

Channel 416 is “spa music”. It is about the only thing preventing me from going all “hell hath no fury” on the Blond and the Brunette. Today we had a SodaStreamtastrophe.  I was in the bedroom, they asked if they could make some, I said sure.  Next thing I know I hear “OH NO!” and … Continue reading

Flex those Mussels

A busy weekend of cake making has taken its toll.  How better to relax and enjoy some quiet time with Mr. Tickled Pink (it’s a name I’m trying out for the ECBF – let’s see how he likes it), than to let him cook me dinner and pour me a glass of wine. Am I … Continue reading

When Time Management Goes Wrong

This post really doesn’t have anything to do with time management, but I was at the gym today and I was reminded of a horrifying ‘tastrophe that happened to me a couple years ago, and since I’ve been posting about my ‘tastrophes lately, I thought I better share it with all of you.  It only … Continue reading

How lucky am I?

I haven’t been feeling well the past little while and the ECBF has been pretty good at keeping me happy, fed, medicated.  Such a great guy – I am so lucky. Sunday was pretty much a write-off for me and I stayed close to bed most of the day.  For lunch I was treated to … Continue reading