Kitchen Tour: The Fridge

If you read other blogs about food like I do, and particularly ones where the blogger gives you an “insider” peek into their real kitchen (not the one they’ve tszujed up for the purposes of blogtography), do you ever find yourself, you know, judging?  I don’t.  Ok, I totally do.  And I know you do too. … Continue reading

Pink: Eat Cake for Breakfast

CTP’s renos have meant we’ve had an unusually high volume of visitors since we’ve moved back home. Never expected but always appreciated of course, are the housewarming treasures that friends and family bring.  Ok, just friends, family visiting is gift enough, n’est pas? My very good work friend, the Ice Queen (sorry, but she knows … Continue reading

Channel 416

Channel 416 is “spa music”. It is about the only thing preventing me from going all “hell hath no fury” on the Blond and the Brunette. Today we had a SodaStreamtastrophe.  I was in the bedroom, they asked if they could make some, I said sure.  Next thing I know I hear “OH NO!” and … Continue reading

Sweet Potato in Disguise

I needed to buy sweet potato on two separate occasions this week.  Weird, I know.  I think I can go months and months without ever needing a sweet potato, but here I was at Galen’s for the second time in seven days, grabbing one.  I still haven’t used the last one I bought, but it was spoken … Continue reading

Oh We Are So Sneaky

I’ve blogged before about the Sneaky Chef.  It’s a system we follow here at Casa Tickled Pink because PICKY EATERS.  That’s why. Well, we had all of our puree ingredients ready to go after the animals were in bed this weekend, and we realized that we had no containers.  The key to sneaky puree is … Continue reading