Santa was on FIRE this year

I was a lucky girl this Christmas, getting not one but two awesome (and much anticipated) baking-related gifts.  One was a complete surprise and so I was absolutely thrilled.  The other was less of a surprise (but mostly because I wrapped it myself). Let me tell you about the not-so-suprising gift first because it leads … Continue reading

Santa Delivers

I love my trusty 6000.  But, before I had this marvel of modern technology, I had a lesser version of a KitchenAid mixer – just a base model, but it was the beginning of my love of baking and I used the snot out of that thing.  The thing I loved the most about my … Continue reading


Holidrizzle.  Yup, I said it.  It exists. You can’t make stuff like that up.  Ok – someone can – just not me.  You know who’s good at the drizzle? G.H. Cretor’s  We know this because I blogged about it recently here.  Well – Angie (who is the popcorn nemesis to G.H. Cretor’s – or at … Continue reading

Greek Yogurt and Popcorn? Why Yes, Yes I Will.

Oh it happened.  Just when I thought I was over my Chicago Mix issues, they came out with something better.  Better may not be the right word.  They came out with something else. Like they needed something else, am I right? Sometimes when you hear of things described as “drizzled” – they end up being … Continue reading

Recipe: Strueselstravaganza

I have been craving a banana muffin like nobody’s business this past week.  The problem is, if I want a banana muffin, I have to make it myself, you know? (I know, first world problems, for sure).  Anyway, I had some dark disgusting bananas calling my name last night and I just decided to go … Continue reading

Update: Thermos Wars

For those of you following the saga I wrote about a few weeks ago: I am being punished.  But no worries, victory will be mine.