Tools: Cast Iron Skillet

The ECBF and I have been thinking about getting a cast-iron skillet for some time now.  I have never owned one, and as far as I know, my parents never owned one.  In fact, when I think about it a little more, I have no idea exactly why I want one – I have no clue … Continue reading

Tools: Bismark Tip

Several years ago now, when I was just starting with cupcakes, I was trying to find an easy way to inject filling into them.  Cupcakes are great, but when they have something yummy hidden in them, now that’s really great.  There are a million and one cupcake flavour options, and I’ve talked about a few … Continue reading

Tools: Painter’s Tape

So, as much as I love my label-maker (and I do love it.  Love love love it), I hate putting labels on my pantry items.  Why?  Because it is an absolute pain to peel them off.  I like to put the date on things, so for some things that I just always have around, I … Continue reading

Tools: Really Cool Cutter Thingee

How do you pronounce “Thingee”.  The ECBF tells me I pronounce it wrong.  I say “ThinGee” with a hard “G”.  He says the G is soft and the emphasis is on the “ee”.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to say “Eeeeeeee” – I use it a lot, but I’m pretty sure it should be … Continue reading

Tools: Wilton Water Pen

I’ve got Wilton issues, that I won’t go into here, but I was shopping online for some baking-related goodies not long ago and this little nifty tool caught my eye, so I picked one up. Am I ever glad I did. Sometimes, when I’m working with a lot of fondant detail, I pour a little … Continue reading

Tools: Charles Viancin

It all started with a blender.  The ECBF and I got it in our head (I say head, instead of heads, because often we’re amazed at how our minds work together and we often concurrently come to the same hairbrained schemes) to buy a Vitamix blender.  We’ve been through a number of blenders in the … Continue reading

Tools: Silicone Muffin Cups

When I convert a cake or quick-bread recipe to muffins or cupcakes, it sometimes doesn’t easily convert into my twelve-muffin tin.  I have these silicone muffin cups for just such an occasion.  When I was baking with the surprise pan for the first time, I had leftover batter and the silicone cups saved the day.  … Continue reading