We Take Recycling Seriously

Not long ago I blogged about how I was looking for these lunch containers for ranch dressing to send with the boys to school.  I suggested in that post that I might not be a very good friend to the environment.  The ECBF pointed out to me today that I take recycling to a whole … Continue reading

Flex those Mussels

A busy weekend of cake making has taken its toll.  How better to relax and enjoy some quiet time with Mr. Tickled Pink (it’s a name I’m trying out for the ECBF – let’s see how he likes it), than to let him cook me dinner and pour me a glass of wine. Am I … Continue reading

Carnival Foodie

I’m a carnival foodie.  Seriously.  I’ve been involved with our local exhibition, the Red River Ex, off and on for many years, and my family has also been involved my whole life.  If there’s one thing that signals summer for me (and brings with it a flood of happy memories), it’s the smell of mini … Continue reading

Wrecks to Success: It’s So Fluffy!!!

Work friend Sherry – maker of these awesome veggie muffins, asked for a (relatively) last minute birthday cake for her daughter, Carly’s birthday this past weekend and I was happy to oblige.  Sherry has been a good friend these past few months with work being such a gigantic pain in the neck, and other things … Continue reading

It’s a Monster

Work friend @rockox_selinger enlisted my help for his 1-year old son’s birthday cake this past weekend.  It was a monster.  Literally. Hulk themed cake with accompanying hulk-themed smash cake.  As Rockox puts it: that’s the joke.  Hulk Smash.  Get it?  Oh come on. What I’ve noticed from these cake projects I undertake is that I … Continue reading

Recipe: M.I.A. Cookies

I know I know…I’ve been missing in action. The past few weeks have been a blur, I’ve been so busy with work, home, workouts, etc… but I am BACK baby and I’ve been saving up a good’er for you.  But…you have to wait just a little bit longer.  To say this post will be a … Continue reading