DOUGHNUT WEEK: Top Secret Finale

Warning: the images you are about to see here may be graphic in nature and may be unsuitable for some readers. I don’t even know where to start with this post.  For a long time I’ve been wanting to blog about the cronut phenomenon.  Unless you’ve been living in a  cave, you know about these … Continue reading

Mini Ramekin Adventures Part II

I posted last week about the emergency creme brûlée kit that Galen has available.  I also happened to pick up his apple crumble version of the same thing. I don’t think apple crumble is even a thing without vanilla ice cream. So, again, if you find yourself in an apple crumble emergency (and who hasn’t, … Continue reading

Recipe: Strueselstravaganza

I have been craving a banana muffin like nobody’s business this past week.  The problem is, if I want a banana muffin, I have to make it myself, you know? (I know, first world problems, for sure).  Anyway, I had some dark disgusting bananas calling my name last night and I just decided to go … Continue reading

Recipe: The Cast Iron Skillet Strikes Again

I was “stuck” with the Blond this afternoon.  I say “stuck” because really it isn’t a chore spending any time with him.  He’s basically the best baking companion a girl could ever have.  We stopped to look at some cast iron pans at Sears while I was there returning a Hawaiian shirt (again, long story, … Continue reading

Beet Down

I love beets.  I’m Ukrainian, so that must have something to do with it, right? The ECBF is new to beets.  He knows his way around borscht, but when I asked him if I could make roasted beets one night he thought he’d only ever had them boiled.  Ummm, what?  Nooooo.  Roasted beets are the … Continue reading

Recipe: M.I.A. Cookies

I know I know…I’ve been missing in action. The past few weeks have been a blur, I’ve been so busy with work, home, workouts, etc… but I am BACK baby and I’ve been saving up a good’er for you.  But…you have to wait just a little bit longer.  To say this post will be a … Continue reading