Funky Chicken Fail Turned Fabulous

We had decided on the Sneaky Chef pulled chicken on a bun recipe for the slow cooker.  Slow cookers are a big help on soccer night.  However, when we went to put the chicken in that morning – it was a little funky.  Not sure why, but there was no way I was cooking that.  … Continue reading

Vegetable Frappaccino Anyone?

The guys often want Starbucks.  They both like the strawberry smoothie-type drinks there.  So I was thinking about it and figured, better than the cereal they ask for every morning, why not make them a smoothie.  I have one of those mini-blenders, it should be relatively easy to accomplish first thing – and it will … Continue reading

Wanna hear about a cake fail?

Oh my.  So for the past few days we’ve been experimenting with Operation: Vegetables *I’m working on a better name don’t worry*.   Well The Sneaky Chef gets a little bit excited about the vegetables in her baking.   So… I promised the blond I would make brownies and I figured – here’s my opportunity to give … Continue reading

Experiment Number One – Easy Lasagna

Our first experiment was a modification of a Sneaky Chef recipe – and it was supposed to be easy.  A one pan/pot lazy lasagna.  When I got home from work, a little later than planned, the ECBF was freaking out about not being able to find some of the ingredients.  I should have known this … Continue reading

Sneaky-Cheater Puree-a-thon

So if you followed my last post you’ll know that the next few are about the controversial topic of lying to your children about vegetable consumption.  It wasn’t hard to convince the ECBF that we needed to puree the heck out of a bunch of vegetables in order to get the guys to eat them.  … Continue reading

Sneaky Cheater

WARNING: The next few posts are on a controversial topic. I’ve blogged about the blond and the brunette before.  Sure, they’re adorable.  But can I tell you a secret?  We have a vegetable problem.  I’m not even going to go into the details of what will forever be known as “The Mushroom Incident of 2012”.  … Continue reading

Dulce de Leche

So our good friends at Eagle Brand have come out with a new product and I think it’s going to be AWESOME.  Eagle Brand Dulce de Leche is just what I’ve been waiting for.  Have you ever tried to convert regular Eagle Brand to dulce de leche?  You basically cook the sweetened condensed milk until it caramelizes.  Sounds … Continue reading